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 Company technical advantage

  1. System and testing equipment is designed by a number of top technical experts from electric motor technology institute and Shanghai Electrical Apparatus Research Institute;
  2. Familiar with the frontier in the field of technology, has a number of core technologies and patents;
  3. Development and design according to project management to organize the implementation, complete turn-key project;
  4. Long engaged in general, special, high efficiency, research and promotion of motor test system;
  5. The specialty is engaged in the new energy automotive research and extension of motor test system;
  6. Professional engaged in the study of the efficiency of the motor and system matching technology;
  7. The specialty is engaged in the electrical testing equipment technology research, design and manufacturing;
  8. Precision motor test system and test equipment performance reaches the domestic leading level;
  9. Have a good design, construction, pre-sales and after-sales service team.

 The test system and the characteristics of the equipment

  1. Static variable frequency power supply: Can design special filtering device according to the different project requirement, To ensure the quality of power supply to meet the relevant national test standard requirements,The greatest degree to reduce the harmonic pollution.
  2. Testing transformer: Can design The special structure of combined transformer according to the different project requirement, maximum optimization matching of voltage and current, keep the maximum test power, Reduce the cost of investment.
  3. Coupling design: A variety of forms of coupling, including special design of double diaphragm and stents, can better protect the torque speed sensor test accuracy and prevent damage of bearing;
  4. Automatic dc resistance test: system: repeated measurement precision by 0.3%;
    Automatic testing insulation resistance: insulation system itself insulation numerical is not less than 200 m Ω;
  5. Interturn impulse test: anti-interference performance and Low inductance waveform capture function is strong. Shock wave invasion depth is big, Can be according to the subjects
  6. winding product standard waveform automatic search, adjust, memory and storage function;
  7. Power frequency withstand voltage test: Test voltage, current, time, automatically set stepless adjustable, The measured pressure leakage data.
  8. Direction of rotation tests: two kinds of sensors, respectively for the stator and the whole machine; can identifying clockwise and counterclockwise turning;Automatically recorded in the computer;
  9. Locked-rotor test: the moment motor start acquisition locked-rotor data;(voltage, current, power, frequency) safe and fast.
  10. Microcomputer type integrated multiple of overvoltage, overcurrent protection and temperature monitoring alarm.
  11. winding resistance charged thermodetector: dispense with power cut outage measurement of three-phase winding heat resistance (cold resistance),dispense with extrapolation method to calculate the resistance When the power supply is cut off; Suitable for large and medium-sized power running motor for measuring  three-phase winding cold resistance and draw change curve.