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Name: The DZC-YLZ series single/Three-phase motor stator performance comprehensive test instrument
Category: Motor integrated instrument
Product Details:

 The basic function

  1. Project selection: according to the requirements of the pilot project, select interface to any trials.
  2. Model selection: Preset measured motor factory standards parameters (Type the standard parameters, upper and lower limit of the qualified and unqualified).
  3. Function realization: Can realize motor Motor factory integrated test work , and the pilot project of automatic sorting, automatic switch, automatic analysis of test results,  adjudged ,automatic storage of test parameters and test results, daily report and printing, etc. Automatic determination of unqualified products , computer display page (Qualified and the unqualified) acousto-optic alarm.
  4. Statistical data: According to the test data automatic summary report, test data can be used as the analysis basis of the quality inspection.
  5. Dynamic monitoring : By 19 inches color screen dynamic display test data.
  6. Temperature conversion: Resistance to the different environment temperature test value converted to standard operating temperature (20℃)

 System characteristic

  1. This tester is suitable for all kinds of single / three-phase ,AC and DC motor stator comprehensive performance testing.
  2. The system adopts the industrial computer contron, only one connection will be able to complete the all test items.
  3. Test project with single or multiple.
  4. The software of this system was developed independently, The special software is version V3.0. It is suitable for management and quality inspection test of motor stator comprehensive performance testing. According to preset values automatically determine product qualified or not. Fully meet the "one click to complete" for the tests of all items effect, can greatly improve the efficiency of the Comprehensive motor test.
  5. The test system can test the motor has a variety of connection modes.
  6. Can customization multi winding, different connection forms motor according to user requirements.
  7. The system adopts the optimize design method and the leading domestic Faint signal processing technology , eliminate the influence of the contact resistance and linear resistance, ensure the test precision of the system.
  8. Interturn test, can automatically according to the waveform for judge, judge (qualified and the unqualified).
  9. All instrument adopts the drawer type, can be an independent measurement.
  10. Test order: DC resistance test (single / three-phase) --- > insulation resistance test--- > Impulse withstand voltage test-- > Power frequency withstand voltage test --- >Imbalance of three phase current test--->Direction of rotation(clockwise/counterclockwise). Environmental temperature test is tested in the measuring clearance.
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